Maybe some good news. Let's Hope.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Alright, so I am getting multiple posts because I've already subscribed some services. Let's see if this fixes my prob.
Trying for the first time. Let's test drive this baby and see how she works.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

I think I Ned some sleep. I'm rambling. Good night.
Well, that makes me feel really cool that I can text-blog. This is going to make my life so much better. Alright, blogging might take the place of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Withdrawls

You want to know what is really sad? Tonight I finished episode 13 of season 5 of Doctor Who. Do you know why that's sad? Because Netflix doesn't have season 6 yet, so I can't watch Doctor Who unless I watch the 1960's stuff. Not really into the oldies yet.

When Chris Ecclestone left the show, I admit I was sad. He was quirky but I hated Barty Croutch, Jr. so David Tennant seemed like a cheap replacement for the Doctor. Then I realized that David Tennant is an amazing actor and I really enjoyed his portrayal of the Doctor. I also loved the chemistry between him and Rose. Yea, that tore my heart out when she got sucked into the time vortex thingy and the two of them couldn't be together. My wife cried. I just sat in stunned disbelief. I just kept saying over and over, the Brits don't know how to do TV. So, is that why you can't stop watching it?!

If I thought Chris Eccelstone leaving the show was terrible, I was a mess when David Tennant left. I mean, I was numb. Who could replace him? Certainly not the kid doctor Matt Smith. My wife won't even look at the screen when he's on. She will only listen. Now that's true devotion. So what am I supposed to do now. No more Doctor?! Yikes! Perish the thought. I'm even missing Amy. That's saying something. Now there's no new American Pickers on. Top Shot's not on yet. I guess I'll have to watch Merlin. I'm even thinking of watching old Star Trek: Next Generation reruns. Wow, that's desperate. Maybe I'll start doing something new, like blogging, or reading books. Nah!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ok, I'm Going to Blog Again

This is the upteen millionth blog I’ve started. Maybe I’ll actually use this one. There’s a lot of things I like to talk about. First, I teach seminary for the LDS church. I love Jesus Christ. I love teaching thescriptures. I’ve worked for the LDS Church for about 16 years. I’ll probably write some more some time.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Is Utah Really the Stingiest State Regarding Welfare

This seems really very biased. The data may suggest that Utah doesn't give a lot of financial support to the poor; but I wonder how the LDS Church's welfare program factors into the equation. Utah is still 75% Latter-day Saint, the last I checked. I know a lot of people receive help financially and through welfare commodities from the Church's welfare program. The study doesn't reflect those facts. I think saying Utah is "Stingy" is pretty biased. The DN article doesn't consider any mitigating factors.

Ouch! This One Hurts

I really don't know what to say about this one. Why exactly is the LDS Church responsible if a home teacher allegedly molested someone 20 years? The time frame isn't the concern. It's the fact it was a home teacher. I think this is someone trying to get money from deep pockets.

Really a Victory for Public Prayer

I thought this was a great article because it shows two things: (1) I know bigotry like this is still alive in America. They were allowing prayer at certain government meetings in Georgia, but not including Jews, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, and, yes, Mormons. (2) It shows we can overcome such bigotry. The judge in this story ruled that excluding certain religious groups is wrong. And (3) the judge did not say praying in these meetings was unconstitutional. This seems like a victory for prayer and the LDS Church.